We can supply pretty much anything that’s worth having from a maillon to a glider. Having been in the business for over 30 years we have a good idea of what’s worth having and what’s not.  Our prices match those on the internet and our deals move with the market but our service stays the same.We can also advise on various pieces of Hang Gliding, Paragliding and Paramotoring equipment and suitability for individual pilots requirements depending on their level. Being heavily involved in training means that we are very much in touch with the low airtime pilots requirements and understand how, with such a variety of kit out there,  it can be difficult to choose. At the other end of the scale the fact that our CFI competes at international level as part of the British Team gives us the knowledge to advise more experienced pilots on the more exotic equipment that can help at the top level. 

Check out our  online shop at   where you will see a range of equipment that we supply along with our partners at Freedom Sports. We are adding further products regularly so feel free to call if you don't see what you want and we will sort it for you or if you want further information or advise. 
We also having regularly changing stock of "used gear" as a result of trade ins, demo's etc so check it out if that's your market. 

Advice is free, knowledge can’t be bought
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If you want it we can sort it