Cloud 9 Hang Gliding Paragliding and Paramotoring Cornwall 


The school operates on a full time basis including weekends and summer evenings  weather permitting. Its primary aim is to provide training for budding pilots who are serious about taking up the sport but we also provide "Taster days" for those who just want a "go".


As a British Hang Gliding & Paragliding Association (B.H.P.A) registered school we undertake to provide a high quality of Hang Gliding, Paragliding and Paramotor training in accordance with their procedures giving students the benefit of the experience they have built up over the years.  


Whilst hill training is an option we carry out the vast majority of initial training utilizing a Tow method, which experience has shown,  gives far more teachable days, takes less physical effort and allows a more controlled environment, all resulting in students learning quicker and easier than on the hill. On completion of the Tow course a Hill (soaring conversion) can be undertaken giving the benefit of both Hill and Tow launching.  For those learning Paramotoring towing gives the ideal basis to build on to get you onto the Paramotor quicker and more confidentely.


The formal training program consists of two levels, that of Elementary Pilot & Club Pilot both of which are undertaken in the school


In general both these stages take up to five days each to complete but this is dependant on pilot ability, availability and weather. The qualifications consist of a series of practical flying tasks along with the necessary theory, which is assessed by a test paper for each level. Similar to taking a cycling proficiency test really!


Once you have cracked it the skies the limit and with steady progress the art of soaring cliffs and hills can be perfected and the challenge of thermal flying pursued with the aim of cross country flying if so desired. If you’re the sociable type you’ll find plenty of friends in the sport with active local clubs around the country.


The minimum age for solo flights is 16 and the maximum depends on you! We have taught many pilots well over the age of 60 and even one over 80, age need not be a barrier.

Have a think, if you have got any questions at all or would like to come and see some flying or just have a chat, give us a ring. Why not check out our Blog page to see how others have got on.    


We also offer Hill and Tow conversions, Dual ratings and Power training all tailored to individuals needs.