Learn to Hang Glide

Elementary Pilot Certificate As long as it takes*

Club Pilot Certificate As long as it takes*
Complete Course Hill (EPC & CPC ) including soaring and top landings. as long as it takes* 
Hill Conversion Course for experienced Tow Pilots


*Up to 12 months from start of training and up to 10 days tuition (5 for EPC and 5 for CPC), if students take long breaks and refresher training is required this may be charged for at daily rate.  


Prices subject to change


The above prices include all training and the provision and use of specialist equipment, i.e. Glider, Harness & Helmet. In the event of damage to equipment students may be required to contribute to repair or replacement dependent on circumstances. Membership of the B.H.P.A is mandatory and provides legal liability insurance (third party) this is available at the start of your flying from the school at the current BHPA prices.



All potential participants should be aware that hang gliding as with most adventure sports is potentially hazardous and in that knowledge accept the risk that personal injuries or damage could be suffered. The insurance provided by the B.H.P.A does not include personal accident and if required this should be arranged separately, details available.