Learn to Paraglide



Elementary Pilot Certificate As long as it takes*

Club Pilot Certificate As long as it takes*
Complete Tow Course (EPC & CPC Tow) As long as it takes**

Complete Tow / Hill Course (EPC & CPC Tow & Hill conversion) includes

aditional experience tows and up to 4 days on the Hill

Hill Conversion Course for experienced Tow Pilots (CPC plus 50 tows)
Tow Conversion Course for experienced Hill Pilots (CPC plus 5 hours),
includes 1 days towing after qualification.


* Up to 5 days within 12 months, refresh days may be required at daily rate if long breaks taken between training


**  Up to 10 days within 12 months, refresh days may be required at daily rate if long breaks taken between training


Best Deal - Paragliding

This is the most cost efficient way of training and gets you in the air on your own kit with a quality glider, harness and helmet. 

The deal is for an upfront price of £3825 for this we will train you to CPC tow (£995) and include your total hill conversion (£475 inc’ post CPC experience tows) and supply an Ozone Mojo 4 Paraglider a Woody Valley Excense Harness and a Charly Open face helmet on completion of your EPC (upgradable to other Ozone wings and equipment).  This not only gives you a saving of £475 on your training but the assurance of top quality, safe and modern gear. If you wish to go for another brand of wing we will credit you with £2495 to spend on a new glider of your choice with us.   


Best Deal also entitles you to a 5% discount on all further purchases (equipment, training and trips) for a period of 12 months, so you can decide how much more you want to save!*


*Discount cannot be used on top of other special offers 






Prices subject to change



The above prices include all training and the provision and use of specialist equipment, i.e. Glider, Harness & Helmet. In the event of damage to equipment students may be required to contribute to repair or replacement dependent on circumstances. Membership of the B.H.P.A is mandatory and provides legal liability insurance (third party) this is provided on one of the following basis and can be obtained at the start of your flying from the school.


One day (Taster Day)

Training Membership (3 months)
Annual Membership (12 months)
A one off capitation fee payable on Training & Annual memberships


All potential participants should be aware that hang gliding as with most adventure sports is potentially hazardous and in that knowledge accept the risk that personal injuries or damage could be suffered. The insurance provided by the B.H.P.A does not include personal accident and if required this should be arranged separately, details available. School liability insurance to students is limited to £25,000.