Learn Paramotoring


Complete Course to Pilot standard  *




Paramotoring Conversion for existing Paragliding Pilots (CPC +15 hrs on own kit) **




Unqualified Paramotor "Pilots" check out and assessment
days per day (on own kit)






Best Deal Option - Save £500 on your training when you by your Paramotor and Wing through us and get expert advice as well.


Prices include use of school equipment up to CP level on a bend it mend it basis. 
Package deals available


* Up to 7 days tuition to Club Pilot level

** Up to3 days tuition


The above prices include all training and the provision and use of specialist equipment, i.e. Glider, Harness & Helmet. In the event of damage to equipment students may be required to contribute to repair or replacement dependent on circumstances. Membership of the B.H.P.A is mandatory and provides legal liability insurance (third party) this is available at the start of your flying from the school at the current BHPA rate.